Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I'm a gypsy

I forgot to share my Halloween costume. I'm a gypsy. It's either because I move a lot or I buy and sell children. Either one.

Speaking of me moving a lot, this gypsy mama is moving again. The last move, about 14 months ago, was 745 miles. This time... boy oh boy is this a big move.... We are moving about 25 feet. Seriously, we are moving next door. This will be house number 18 for me. Cause I'm a gypsy.

Just because I dress up as one doesn't make me one. Last year, Hubby and I were Handy Manny and Kelly. We are no more handy now then we were then. Hubby maybe.

Since I brought up Halloween again, check out these spiderweb pretzels. They are on the list for next yer!

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Kelly said...

I hope your move goes well! When?

01 09 10