Friday, November 5, 2010

I told you it was good

Awhile back I linked up to Fun on a Dime with her mini apple pies. I said they were really good. Halloween weekend, I entered them in a bake off that our local bank was hosting. I told you they were good. They won.

There weren't any rules posted so it didn't have to be an original recipe and I guess could include a store bought crust. They said there was a prize, but didn't say what. I thought I'd it as an excuse to make them again.

I still don't have any pictures of the little apple guys of my own, but here is her post about them with pictures and the recipe.

Want to see what I won?

Interesting prize for a bake-off. I'm not complaining. I had a pretty good hair day the next day.

These are next (apple rolls from Little Birdie Secrets), oh, these are so next!

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Fun On a Dime Lady said...

Congratulations on your win! You are right, that is an odd prize, but hair products are one thing that I don't usually spoil myself with. So take advantage!

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