Monday, August 3, 2009

canvas photo art

My friend Kim brought a craft project to scrapbooking night since she is between albums. We all went crazy over her canvas photo project. When I saw these canvases (is that plural for canvas?) in the dollar (actually the $2.50 wall) section at Target I snatched up two. I thought these would be cute with photos of Bee with her favorite Princesses on them. She didn't want that. She picked out a picture of her and Aunt Christina and her and Grandpa M. We will be making more now of her with other family members.

Here are the two canvas boards. They came with a flower print, but that matches her room anyway.
Really, all you do is layer scrapbooking paper and ribbons, etc on the board and modge podge over them.

Then, you add your pictures and stickers or other embellishments and give it all another good coating of modge podge.

Here is the first one, I just did it all at once, modge podge, paper, modge podge, picture, modge podge... and you can see my bubbles.

The second one, I took my time. Modge podge, paper (no top coat), let it dry, top coat, let it dry, modge podge, picture, let it dry, topcoat. I have read that when you top coat when the under coat is still wet that the top dries faster and creates bubbles. That seems to be true, on this one, I just ended up with one little bubble.

These are going to look so cute on her wall in the her new bedrrom. I need to go pick up some more!


Mama King said...

Really cute! Great find! I love the dollar zone at Target!

Chris said...

these would make such great gifts as well... but i'm sure you already thought about that :)

and ditto to loving the dollar zone. it's always my first stop in the store that way i know how much money i have to spend in the rest of the store :)

Anne said...

I love these! I just saw these at Target and tried to think of something I could do with them. Now I have my answer! Thank you.

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