Friday, August 19, 2011

clipboard save

Bee needed a clipboard for school.  A few weeks before school started, she found this gem at the recycle center.  Clearly it needed some loven.  That recycle center.... it's a treasure trove!

Bee chose some scrapbook paper from my stash and we traced the clipboard shape on the paper.

After cutting it out (and a quick trim to fit better) we marked the spot for the top hardware. 

We cut and checked and trimmed and checked again until we got it just how we wanted it.

Our 12x12 paper was just a touch too short so we added a few inches of corresponding paper. 

Then we modge podged the heck out of it.  A layer of modge podge went down, then the paper placed on top.  A little bit of smoothing down was needed, then another layer of modge podge was added.  Working around the hardware was a little tricky, so we propped it open with a pencil while that part dried. 

Bee wanted a little more fancy, so we added some 3-D flowers.  They will be fine for Bee for this year, she's very careful with things. Usually. I have a similar one that was a gift from a sweet student.  It has a cute ric rac glued on the area where the two papers are joined.  It's cute, but not practical for a writing surface. 

Lou has asked if we can keep our eyes out at the recycle center for another clipboard.  I do have a whole class set stored away in a box... somewhere... in one of my dozens of unmarked boxes.  The recycle center might be just as easy.


Holly said...

VERY cute!

jess_hak said...

CUTE! Is it weird that clipboards make me smile? Just something about a clipboard makes me happy....and since this one is all decked out it makes me really happy.

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