Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fabric straight from Japan

Here's my new fabric, straight from Japan, via Mexico, via Michigan, via Tennessee. My buyers (actually just my brother and his wife) traveled to Japan to shop for for me (actually for my brothers work). This fabric is much better traveled than I am. After Japan, they took it home with them to Mexico. Then it traveled to their Michigan home, then to my moms home in Tennessee. It's at it's new home with me, in Indiana.

These first three are regular cotton. They feel just like quilting cotton here. Bee is particularily fond of the middle blue one.

The next two are a thinner cotton with a little bit of raised texture.

This one is my favorite. Not sure what it will be yet... but I'll be using some of it for me.

The last one is a silkier fabric, something a blouse or skirt would be made from. It brown with a scene of dragons and fat babies. This one baffels me as of yet.

I have several things planned. One or two projects will end up on etsy, so who knows where it will travel next!

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grandma said...

How fun. Those fabrics are so different than what you see in the U.S. A lap quilt of the scraps would be nice.

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