Friday, July 3, 2009

identification bands

Kim at 4 Crazy Kings shared about some identification bands that she recently bought for traveling. Since my little people don't know their phone number yet, I thought that might be a pretty good idea. I however was pretty sure that I could make some. I combined the idea for the bands with an idea I saw on Make it Do recently for printing on fabric using your home printer and some freezer paper (my new favorite item).

First step is to iron your fabric onto freezer paper (the plastic side) cut to 8.5x11 and trim it up.

Then, you just get whatever you want printed ready, and load your freezer paper/fabric sheet into your printer. Make sure that it's set to print on the fabric side, not the paper side.

That's all there is to printing on fabric, I'm seeing lots of ideas for this! Anyway, so I printed out little pieces that said, "I'm _____, please call my mom or dad" and then it lists both cell numbers. I then sewed it into a little bracelets and used Velcro to close it up.

Lou picked pirates, Bee picked dancing fairies. No surprises here.

Once I figured out what I was doing, I made a second set, this time I added the kids pictures to the printed text. Bee is the only one who understand what this bracelet is for. Every errand that we have run in the past few days she wants to wear her bracelet. When we are back in the car she says, "Guess what mommy, I didn't get lost from you today!" Lou just likes the pirates on his.

edited for spelling: good grief!


Wes and Dani said...

What a great idea! So cool. :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this idea and have already made one for my DD. I used snaps on it so she wouldn't be able to take it off herself. I wish I had known about the freezer paper trick about $35 worth of printable fabric ago! That's awesome, because now I can do other light colored fabrics and not just white!

melissa said...

thanks for the idea. I do not have access to a sewing machine so quickly for our upcoming travels, so I'm going to laminate something and have my kiddos wear it. Like the idea of putting it on the inside.

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