Saturday, April 2, 2011

April Fools Food- me being pretty giddy

I've been sitting on this fun food plan for a few days.  I didn't tell anyone in my house and I can't believe I didn't spill it. Hubby figured something was up just before dinner.  He couldn't leave well enough alone.

The kids came up with this part.  They are chocolate rocks.  We found them at the candy store at our mall.  They thought it would be funny to show daddy their new rock collection.  Then they would start eating it. 

It did work!  Daddy said, "Don't put those in your mouth!"  Ha!  April Fools.

These dessert chicken pot pies are from Family Fun.    The crust is pie crust is cooked like a shell over some tin foil. 

The sauce is vanilla pudding.  The carrots are quartered orange starburst.  The corn is yellow starburst cut into 6ths.  Then they get rounded a little and sculpted into corn kernel shapes.  The peas are rolled and rounded cuts of a laffy taffy green apple rope.

I stacked a few graham crackers in the bottom of the tin, poured over the pudding, and spooned on some of the vegetables.  I rolled the 'vegetables' around in a few spoons on pudding and then laid them on top. The crusts get set on top and it SO looks like chicken pot pie.

They were delicious.  

Our cupcakes were meatloafs cooked in foil muffin tins.  The icing is blue mashed potatoes.

They were also delicious.  Bee thought this was all hilarious!  I was laughing so hard and she kept tasting and then looking as me.  She said, "What's going on here?"  Lou was confused and kept saying, "My cupcake taste like hot dog."  All meat taste like hot dog according to Lou.   Happy April Fools Day.

Oh yeah, the project I mentioned yesterday will be coming soon.  I just couldn't wait to show our dinner.


jfb57 said...

Such fun! I love the pies! Hello - I found you via Red Ted Art who thought you might like to link over a the Resource Centre. It is a link for crafts / arts that can be used in classrooms. Looking through your blog many of your ideas would be great. I do hope you will pop over!

jfb57 said...

There's even a badge you can have! :)

Happy Together said...

:) Those are cute ideas!

Danielle said...

That is awesome! They look so real.

jess_hak said...

Oh my goodness! It actually looks like Chx Pot Pie! lol

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