Saturday, April 16, 2011

that tree, the one I didn't cut down

When we moved into this house in December there was this sort of scraggly looking tree on the side of the house.  The only thing I could see growing was some kind of vine overtaking it.  I told hubby we should cut it down to make room for my apple tree.  I don't have an apple tree, but it I made room for it, maybe I'd have one.   Hubby want's to cut down three trees and I told him this one was first- right after the garden got tilled. 

Good thing we haven't gotten to it yet.  Look what it did last week. 

It's a dogwood.  Who knew? 

Its right out Bee's window and is really just beautiful!  I've cut little branches to put in jars and vases for all over the house.  Lesson learned:  I should be more patient before I go chopping down trees.

A friend built us a birdhouse and the dogwood seems to be a good spot for it.  It's sized for bluebirds, but they move in to their houses in February, so we missed them.  Finches may use it too.  If birds move in, we'll be able to have a good view from Bee's room. 

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grandma said...

Very beautiful. I finally got one to grow outside my kitchen window in our old town. The buyers cut it down for a deck. They missed having a beautiful dogwood growing up in the center of their new deck.

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