Friday, April 22, 2011

Lou's Easter outfit

Here are a few pictures of silly man Lou's Easter outfit.  My neighbor gave me a pile of fabric and one the pieces was a white and blue striped fabric.  It wasn't searsucker, but not linen... I'm not sure what it is.  It was pretty much begging to be made into little guy Easter pants. 

I grabbed a white polo from last years family pictures and one of the mama's from preschool embroidered it for me.  I just gave her a scrap of the fabric and said, 'do whatever.'   I was pretty specific you see.  She did a great job and I was happy with what she came up with.

When did he get so goofy?

There was talk about a coordinating outfit for Bee, but she said no.  I only had enough of the stripes left for a simple skirt.  She wasn't interested and already had a dress she wanted to wear on Easter.

(He shares Bee's interest in toe examining.... whose weird kids are these?)

I included my favorite detail on little boy pants, big pockets.  Big 'ol pockets.

It's a birthday weekend here, but I should have some time for some projects.  Looking forward to that. 

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Sugarbug Boutique said...

I love this outfit!! So cute! I hope you and your family have a very Happy Easter!

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