Friday, April 29, 2011


I do have a preschool post for this week, but these last few weeks of school have been so busy, at school and then around the house in general. I've only had time for quick posts.  The past two weeks also have brought us so much rain and crazy storms that we've been camping in the basement many evenings and nights.  It's really cutting into my project time.  Thankfully though, other than loosing the shed roof and some big limbs, we were spared the destruction and flooding many of our friends have had. 

So, here's a short one.  It verges on sacrilegious... maybe...or it's sweet and innocent.  We're going with that one.  Bee brought out her seder cup from her meal at school.   She's been drinking from it here and there.  She filled it with grape juice- nothing weird about that.  Then she went and grabbed a piece of bread and a bowl.  She cubed it up and offered us communion.

Bee has taken communion before, only after fully explaining why we take communion. Our church has no specific age requirements- so we were good there.  Our sweet college-aged neighbor was over chatting and she asked Bee if she had blessed the bread first and if she knew what to say when she served the bread and juice.  She prayed over the bread ... then she told us to all take a second piece since it was good bread.

I'm not sure if this was ok, but I figure since she's offering up the other sacraments at times, who am I to say.  She's married and baptized our pets, cats and fish.  Perhaps she feels a calling.  She did it with a sincere attitude, that's got to count for something.


Jennifer said...

Love your blog! I played minister as a child all the time. Baptizing, communing, all of it. Even reading things from the hymnal and singing the hymns. I turned out ok, still a believer! But I feel I have to say I also pretended to be Prince too - full on purple head to toe, and singing along with my cassettes (hello? parents? they must have never listened, cause there were the same parents who forbade school dances and pretty much everything else.)But, again, I turned out pretty normal, so there you have it.

jess_hak said...

I think that this is just precious. Jesus loved the children and he also loved their simple, fully trusting, precious faith.

The Lord himself said to do it in remembrance of Him....and He said to do it often. He also said that one must have the faith of a child to enter Heaven.

If anything I think that this should encourage you on the wonderful job you and yours have done at raising this little one up in the Word. Good job momma!

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