Wednesday, April 6, 2011

growing and a laugh

We've got things growing here and hoping for much much more!

That bulb we planted that we've been making observations of has really been going strong.  Until today.  I took it to school to reinforce my illustration about how spring flowers remind us of Jesus' resurrection. The bulb looks dead, but the plant that grows reminds us of new life.  The poor plant said "No way!" and all three tall leaves fell right in half.

The white sweet potatoes that Hubby's aunt gave us after Christmas dinner are sprouting.  They'll get planted in the garden soon.

This is a few weeks ago, but a sea of baby tomatoes live in my sewing room. 

Here's a surprise from the yard. Just one, all by her lonesome.

Lots of daffodils. 

They make the mailbox pretty.  In a few weeks though, it'll just be the same ol mailbox. 

Look at my funny Lou.  He grabbed up a flower and said, "Take my picture."

Then procedded to make my laugh as he posed.

This was all Mr. Ketchup face's idea.

He's such a silly boy. 

He's growing too.  He can stay small a little while longer though.  It would be OK with me.

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