Thursday, April 28, 2011

our date

I took hubby on a date for his birthday last weekend.  We went out to eat and then I took him to see girls in their undies.  Well, practically!  Our bank teller is in the roller derby and has been inviting us for awhile now.  Neither of us had ever been and frankly, none of the other moms that I talk to have either.  I didn't know what to wear, but we went. 

It was interesting!  There was a diverse group of people in attendance, many drinking, some in fishnets.  That's my bank teller in the lead spot in the first picture.  This is during warm ups.  Most of the girls wore something similar to volleyball shorts, but shorter and with more glitter.  They also wore some variety of black torn stockings.   When we first sat down (a friendly bouncer told us where to sit for the best viewing) Hubby just said, "I have no words to describe this.   And frankly, I don't know where I'm supposed to look." 

Thankfully the program they gave out included the rules, because we were LOST.  It was a rough sport, but interesting to watch.  We sort of did figure out the rules.  The girls had fun names, most appropriate, some not so much.  I'm not sure why some of them pick the names that they do because I'd be embarrassed to tell someone about my hobby and my name, "Yes, I'm in the roller derby, my name is Miss ho-killer." 

It's probably not something he'll be asking to go back to, but it was a fun night without the kids.  (There were lots of kids there, but I just can not, CAN NOT, imagine taking the kids there!)  There may be a league near you.  Here's the league website.   I think it would actually make a better girls night out than date!


Danielle said...

That's funny that you posted this because i was thinking of also taking my husband for a date night sometime in May to roller derby. There is a rink pretty much across the street and they have roller derby so I thought it would be fun.

Kelly said...

That's so fun! Weird, but fun. :) Thinking this would be a fun girls date.

Melissa said...

Hilarious! I'm sure it was quite an experience and it seems like it might be fun to participate.

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