Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bee's seder meal

Bee's class celebrated the passover on Good Friday with a seder meal.  The children were asked to dress as someone from the bible.  Every girl in Bee's class came as Mary. Obviously, this isn't a public school.  She goes to school upstairs from where I teach preschool.  It's worked out great this year.

The outfit was drama.  I got a glimpse of what it will be like when she's a teenager.  I put together the outfit that you see the other little girl wearing in the first picture.  She had a dozen issues with it.  I tried to let her choose other fabric from my stash. Nope, nothing would work.  I reminded her that some friends would be in bathrobes and towels on their heads.  We ended up with a trip to the fabric store to get new fabric.  She found a friend who was happy to wear the undesirable outfit.

The children and the families got to sample some foods from the passover celebration.  That chicken leg is supposed to be a lamb leg.  Close enough. There's also some parsley that was dipped in salt water, a boiled egg, horseradish, unleavened bread/ matzoh bread wafer, and some apple pie filling that is supposed to be like charoses, representing the bricks and mortar that the Jewish people had to build with.  See, we all got a lesson.   One of the teachers told the story of the Jewish people's exodus and some of the traditional passover traditions.

This belt was drama for her too.  She said the Mary picture in her bible showed Mary with a brown belt that didn't fasten or tie.  Hmmmm.  I added some elastic and she was happy.  No tie, no closure.   I googled 'Mary costumes' and apparently any character can be made into an inappropriate costume.   I would think the mother of our savior would be off limits, but I've been wrong before.

The head piece was drama and the sleeves were drama.  She had specific ideas and designs.  She has a picture bible that she referenced.  Surely I can make whatever is drawn.  Of course.  She wasn't 100% happy with the end result, but she did have a nice costume and she said that she was thankful for it anyway.

Bee's best friend at school also seemed happy with the inaccurate (according to Bee's reference materials) costume.   She even brought baby Jesus with her to school.  

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Kelly said...

so fun! We had a seder meal at our church, with chicken legs also, but we all dressed in our easter best, rather than as Bible characters. Somehow, I think Bible characters would be more fun. :)

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