Friday, April 8, 2011

mouse treat

I wish I thought of this, but I didn't.  I got the idea from Family Fun.  It's what Lou decided to take to school for snack on his last leader day.  I might add that it doesn't so much work to make them ahead.  You know strawberries.  They are tricky little guys.  I made ours up at 8:00 and we ate at 10:00.  Everything was damp and couldn't have gone much longer without getting mushy. 

The tails were supposed to be licorice laces, bu I couldn't find them anywhere.  I rolled out colored tootsie rolls.

We took Lou's teachers some cinnamon swirl bread

Lou had a great day.  He loves school.  He loves being leader.  His favorite parts are always when the teachers say to sit, "criss cross Lou-sauce"  and when he gets to stand on the chair and hold the flag for the pledge.  

I made sure to double the bread recipe so we had some for breakfast too.  It was perfect with the new good batch of yogurt.

Lou was asking today about going to school in the summer.  I told him that we would do school at home over the summer like last year.  He said he thought maybe he'd rather go to school.


grandma said...

I'm sure you remember last fall he was insisting he wouldn't go to school. I just hope he continues liking school.

Kelly said...

I'm so glad he now likes school!

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