Monday, March 5, 2012

itty bitty things

Oh my goodness. There are little baby girls everywhere I look.  I have a few baby girl gifts I need to make and I went right to the itty bitty baby dress from Made By Rae (and it's a free one!), diaper cover from Made (free pattern too!),  and the sweet little bonnet is also from Rae (and is totally worth every penny).  This one goes to hubby's cousin who this week finally welcomed home a lovely little baby just a few days old.

This fabric is from Joanns, I didn't pay attention to the designer.  Actually, I just went and checked and I cut off all of the descriptive info on the salvage. oops.

I've made this before and this time things went a little smoother.  I think I'll be making up three more before the summer.  Oh my, these sweet little girl things always get me thinking... 

and then I remember, babies don't sleep and they cry, a lot.  I have to remember. 

Plus, Lou and Bee keep me plenty busy.  Just look at Lou.  Good grief.


Sparkling said...

That dress is just so cute!!!

mommyslittlemonkeys said...

Love the little boy in the kitchen! We have a little one who opens the oven door and climbs up to set herself in the sink. She must feel we don't bathe her enough.

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