Tuesday, May 15, 2012

baby dress... again

I know I keep showing different versions of this dress that I keep making up.  It's not my fault my friends are fertile Myrtles.  This fabric combo is by far my favorite so far though.  I also added a little yo-yo to the front, which I think I like.

I've been discussing an issue I was having with the bonnet construction, so this picture is for my friend Melissa.  I think I've fixed it.  

I have one last dress to make up this spring.  They don't know the gender, but I'm pretty sure it wants a dress either way. 

Other itty bitty dresses can be seen here and here.  The patterns are cited and linked there.


Sandy said...

I absolutely love this! I keep saying I am going to try that dress pattern and just haven't done it yet. Is it okay for a beginner sewist like me??

SimplyMe said...

Ooh so cute! Love the bonnet too. I wish I could sew so well.

harun said...

Cute and beautiful,these two words are strikes in my mind when I see this dress,Babies will be look so adorable and cute in this baby dress.

mommyslittlemonkeys said...

You are so talented! We are lucky to have one of these adorable dresses!