Thursday, May 24, 2012

child labor

I'm all for child labor, given the right setting. This seems like the right setting.  Ignore that Lou is wearing Bee's pink crocs.  He tends to leave his shoes places and then can't find them when we wants them.

We are almost done with the diy milk jug green houses. 

We were planting green bean seeds in our empty spaces.  Lou was the seed man.

Bee likes my new hoe as much as I do. It's actually a double headed adze type hoe and it belonged to hubby's grandpa.  I hear he was quite the gardener.  I am happy that I the kids and I get to use it now.

side note:  For those of you that know Lou, you may know that he never goes without a shirt.  Never.  This summer, he has decided that in front of the right company, it might be ok.  It's funny to me to see his white belly out in the light of day.


Sandy said...

Lou, you are just too cute with your white belly and those pink crocs!!

Ryan Hansard said...
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Jen @ FamilySponge said...

I love this! My kids are all about getting in the mud and helping in the garden. We have tomato, green peppers and lots of basil. This is our first garden and we are loving it. Your's is INCREDIBLE and maybe next year we can expand.

PS: We featured you on our website today. Thanks for the eco-friendly party idea!

Aunt Donna said...

What a great garden! We only have room for a few tomatoes, but picked our first today!

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