Thursday, May 17, 2012

he's a graduate

School is out for me and Lou. He and my  class of little friends graduated this week.

They sang a few songs and showed off some of the signing and Spansih they learned the past two years.

 Then, while the parents watched the slide show, we got the kids in their outfits.  Here are some behind the scene photos- literally, we're behind the curtain getting ready for it to open. 

I just think the kids look so sweet in their caps and gowns. 

Again, this is a weird angle since I was on stage during the program. 

We've had a few work mornings this week to get packed up for the summer and got our teaching assignments for next year.  I'm pretty excited about my new assignment for next year and my new teaching partner.  I get to teach with a super sweet and talented gal who was Bee's preschool teacher and then Lou's teacher for the past two years.

Here's that sweet boy of min singing his favorite song from the program.  

Here's Bee's graduation from two years ago.

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