Tuesday, May 22, 2012

strawberries and such

 We've been picking strawberries almost everyday from our own little patch.  For several days, we got a quart or two each day, now we're getting a small bowl full each day and usually eat them before we get inside.   

We've gone picking two times at our new favorite berry farm the next town over.  The one closest to us sprays the plants so heavily I just couldn't pick there anymore.  In the box is our farm pick, 18 pounds and Bee and Lou's home pick the same day. 

We went back a few days later and picked another 22 pounds!  It's a lot of berries.  Berry season is so short that we better make the most of it.

They've been eaten fresh, used on ice cream,

I dried two batches,

we've eaten them on salads,

I froze 6 quarts, and make lots of jam.  I canned 32 pints of strawberry jam!

They have such a short season- so we've got to get them while we can.  They say blueberries are in another week!


Sparkling said...

When the page was loading, I saw the picture of the huge assortment of strawberries and thought that was from your own yard and I was blown away! That sure is a lot of strawberries! Mine are quite plentiful and green and I know I will get about 1/3 of them because critters and slugs get them first. I was thinking once they are all pollinated I might try throwing some screening over them. We'll see.

Story Time For Me said...

They look wonderful

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