Sunday, May 20, 2012

end of the year gifts for the teacher

My class was so generous to me the last few days of school.  I have gift cards and flowers galore.  Here are a few of those sweet gifts I received.  I thought these were so clever that I'd get them posted. 

This book was from a sweet little guy who has become a good friend.  This reminded me of the 'daddy dates' gift we gave at our house last month.

Each page has something that I might do this summer and a little gift card. 

I love that you could work this up sending as much or as little as you want.  There were several pages, for some reason, my pictures were blurry.

This flower pot has a tag that says "thanks for helping me grow" printed on a flower shared card.   It is stuck on the eraser end of a pencil.  The eraser is the little paper flower's center.  I thought it was a cute plant marker.   There's also a target card stuck in there, so that was fun too.  Cinnamon rolls were a gift from another friend! 

I had never seen this little letter that goes in a pretty frame.  I thought it was sweet and clever.  In case you can't really read the note, the line that ties the frame to the note is 

"Since you have helped to 'frame' her future learning, we hope you will use this to frame someone who means as much to you as ____ means to us."

Another little friend gave me a book that they made on one of those photo sites, snapfish or something. 

It's full of photos of the her and our class and the two of us from the past two years.  This kind of project works for our setting since the parents come in the room at drop off and pick up most days and then are there for leader day once a month or so as well as at Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter party.  They take a lot of pictures.

We gave strawberry jam as our teacher gift.  Not as exciting or cute, but tasty.

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