Thursday, May 3, 2012

Garden Things

I've been trying to get a garden post up and waited so long that I had to take some new photos.  Things are changing so fast!

The logan berries are ahead of schedule this year (this photo is over a week old- they are even more ready now!).  I worked really hard last year pruning and redirecting them and think we are going to have a better time with them this year and in the future.  Although we had lots of berries last year.  This year should be even better!  Logan berries are a cross between raspberries and blackberries.    The blueberries are having another unproductive year.  I think I need to start over with them. 

The strawberries are looking good too.  I worked on them a good bit in the fall and again last month or so.  I think I need to move them this year since they are out of room but they seem happy where they are.  

The kids and I picked many the other night.  Last year, at each picking, we each got 3 or 4.  Doesn't look like we'll have to be so frugal with this this year. 

The berries are sweet and delicious and the slugs think so too.   I'm going to have to get some beer.  For the slugs.  Maybe for me, if the slugs keep eating the berries. 

I also have carrots going in a container.  Last year they were just in the upper garden and they all got eaten by some pests.  I'm trying to see if this plan works better. 

We have it marked on the calendar when we get to try one of the first planted carrots.  Lou stares impatiently each day at the container.  

We are taking advantage of the two main garden plots we have.  I tried to plan it out a little better this year.  We have spring things in the upper plot and then will plant pumpkins there when the sweet snow peas, lettuce and spinach are done.  We have onions and garlic up there too.

The snow peas are our favorite!  Bee checks them everyday.  

The lower garden is just starting.  We have pole beans, potatoes, tomatoes, yellow squash, zucchini, acorn squash, and corn down there right now.  I ran out of room for the cucumbers and okra. 

We're trying something new with the potatoes.  We just did sweet potatoes last year and had minimal results.  A friend of mine grew tons and tons and we compared notes.  We both decided to do a modified method based on what we read in my favorite gardening book, The Farmers Wife Guide to Growing ... (she has several books).  I highly recommend her books!  The potatoes are there under the straw.  They should grow right in the straw requiring no digging when harvesting.  The seed potatoes just got placed right on top of the tilled soil and covered with 6 inches of pressed straw.  When the straw got wet it poofed right up.  I'm excited to see the results.  We tried 4 variety of potatoes this year. 

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