Monday, May 7, 2012

cinco de mayo- fried ice cream

We like to do a little something for Cinco de Mayo.  Mostly it's just been a long time since a holiday and we're looking for a reason for a party. 

This year we tried fried ice cream.

It was pretty simple.  I didn't get a finished product photo, so you can use your imagination.  We had a busy house and company over and there were a lot of bodies in the kitchen.  Photos were hard.  That just means we'll have to make it again soon.

You scoop and call up some ice cream.  Then, freeze these balls for an hour.

After an hour, the balls of ice cream get rolled in cream and then finely crushed frosted flakes.  Freeze again for 1 hour at least.  When you are read to serve, the ice cream balls get fried in some oil for 15-20 seconds.  That's all they need.

Top with your choice of of goodies.  We had some more strawberries from the garden and some fresh whipped cream.

We taped on some black felt mustaches and had a good time.  I found a cinco de mayo station on Pandora.  We listened to Mexican tunes all day. 

It was pretty warm outside, but we played outside a bit. 

We had some party poppers. 

And a pinata.

Happy Cinco de Mayo.  Is there a June holiday to celebrate?  

We had friends join us this year.  They're probably cool with their picture being online, right?   Here's last year. and the year beforeand the year before that.

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