Wednesday, May 23, 2012

growing stuff

If you need some lettuce of spinach come picking at my place, It's growing faster than we can eat it and/or give it away.  The rabbits aren't even interested this year.  

Since the rabbits are missing, the green beans stand a chance.  We're pluggin in bush beans wherever there is a little spot.  They are growing randomly around the gardens now. 

The snow peas just started flowing this week which means the pods are coming so so soon. 

Just yesterday we ate the first logan berry.  This picture must have been taken just the day before.  They're just like kids, they grow up so fast. We used a netting this year over the strawberries and on some of the logan berries.  It's the netting from our old trampoline!  We're ghetto like that. It's working though.

Hopefully the rabbits and the raccoons are on the same page, one outside my fence.  The corn may stand a chance if I can keep them out.

My tomatoes are smaller still than any of my gardening neighbors, but they're from seed and I found last year that all of my three surviving self started tomatoes caught up with my store bought ones. 

These are our diy milk jug green houses.  We're ghetto like that.  They have been really nice this year and I'll keep saving more for next year.  I also tried using 2 liters, but the clear plastic had a negative effect.  They fried the plant inside.  The milk jugs kept my little seedlings safe, warm, kept bugs off, and kept them plenty moist.  

The zucchini and squash have gotten all mixed up.  Hopefully I end up with a nice number of each, but it will be a mystery until the vegetables come.

This is my first time with pole beans.  I've done bush beans, but not pole.  We'll just see what happens. That's my favorite part about gardening, you can try new things all the time and keep at it until you get it right.   

I peaked at the potatoes and there are sprouts!  I like getting to peak at them under the straw.

I planted some rhubarb.  I'm excited to have this, especially since it's a little to no work food source.  I have two growing but planted three.

They carrots are trucking along.

I still have a few spare seedlings. They are my backups.  I've needed to replace several in the garden over the last few weeks and just grab a nicer one from the porch and switch it out.  They get a little more water and more shade on the porch, so they seem happier.

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Sparkling said...

I gave up on the corn for this year to give the masked bandits time to find someone else to rob. I'm envious of your spinach. i have never, not once, been able to get spinach to start from seed and I can get just about everything to start from seed. I've tried different varieties, packets of seed, companies, etc. I did pole beans last year and they raelly loved to climb. They also took the entire summer before the started to make beans. They were very busy growing and growing and growing and then finally the flowered and I had beans up the wazoo. This spring, I thought I planted pole beans in the greenhouse but they are bush beans! I had to buy pole beans because I guess I used them all! Time for me to put up some of my garden pics this weekend!

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