Friday, May 18, 2012

mothers day

Happy Mothers Day to me!  I spent it just the way I wanted, with my family at our new favorite spot.

Apparently not many other mothers felt that way because there was no one there!  we rode and rode and never waited in a single line!  Most rides we stayed on and rode three or fours times without getting off.   

If only every day could be like that!

Hubby got to try rides that we normally wouldn't have bothered waiting in line for, since the kids couldn't ride them. 

Bee and Lou tried rides they wouldn't normally have gone on.  They didn't get to wait in line and watch other people and change their minds. 

This was everyone's favorite ride.  This is in the kiddo area.  Hubby rode it 22 times, only 10 of them with the kids!

We're going back next weekend and it's not even a special occasion!

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Sparkling said...

I've seen tons of pictures of your kids on this site but i jsut realized I've never seen a picture of you! I imagine you looked like Lou, big mess of curly blond hair, always up in a scrunchy. No idea where I got that!

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