Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Bee!

The birthday weekend is over. The house is clean and we have recovered from 15 little girls and too much sugar. Bee is 5. Oh my.

One token picture of Lou, cause it's all about Bee and her party today!

There were lots of treats. We went with a dessert platter instead of birthday cake. Chocolate covered pretzels, homemade pop tarts, birds nests, candied pecans, mini cupcakes....

and cheesecake strawberries, little cheese kabobs and little fruit kabobs.

To drink we had sweet tea, peach jello punch, and lemon coolers.

These little nests were made with chow mein noodles and butterscotch chips. I picked chocolate eggs up after Easter and saved them just for this.

The treats were delivered to the tables on these serving trays I made out of thrift-ed plates and dollar store candle holders. I'm going to have to think of as many times as I can to use these. I just love them. Bridal showers.... I need to plan a bridal shower... or baby shower... I could use them then!

My favorite one is the one top middle. Bee's is the top left in this picture. It has a gold trim. I think its pretty gaudy. She does love fancy. The plates are glued to the little bases. I used E6000, the heavy duty glue for crafting. I don't think it will ever come off.

These friends are making their guess for the candy jar on the table. There were 112 strawberry malt balls in our jar. Bee won the jar at our Easter egg hunt and I was very thankful when a neighbor girl won this time.

We had three activities: coloring sheets

Tissue paper flowers.

And decorating purses, also from the dollar store at Easter time.

We had decorated with tissue paper pom poms, which are just like the flowers we made together, just more paper.

I also had picked up some pretty tissue paper flower garland at the dollar store around Easter. Bee told several people that we made them together. I cut, she glued. Apparently we are a very talented team.

Bunting seems to be the big thing right now. I made up a bunting using scrapbook paper. We also picked out pictures of her and strung them up in order.

There was nothing much flowering in the yard, so we picked some randomness from along a corn field. We didn't end up putting the flowers on the tables since they kept shaking off little bits. My sister and I trekked all over (in our flip flops) to find enough to fill 6 vases.

We used our two kid tables and two borrowed from neighbors decorated with all the thrifted table cloths and table runners that Bee and I have been collecting. The girls were served punch in plastic goblet style cups and tea in our thrifted tea cups.

Our party guests came dressed for tea.

Bee did get a larger cupcake so that she at least had something to put a candle in.

With a little extra time, the girls took to the backyard.

And that's when poor Lou came out of his room. He had been in hiding the whole time. Poor guy. He kept a watchful eye on the girls outside.

I asked Bee if she felt older and she did give it a thought. She said, "Yeah, I think so." Later in the day, Lou had a friend over and I hared her go in Lou's bedroom and say, "So... I'm much older than you boys now, so I'll just be playing in my room and you guys should play here."


grandma said...

What a big day. The goodies look delicious. So much to choose from. Sometime, I want to know if the plates are glued to the candle holders and must be stored that way.

Anonymous said...

I love the red dress! The goodies look delicious, especially the bird's nest. I love butterscotch. What clever decorations and activity ideas. I'm sure the girls had a great time.

Love Always,

Jacinda said...

What a beautiful and fun party! The treats look delish. Pop Tarts! And it looks like the girls had so much fun with the activities. Such great ideas! Love that Bee bragged about making the garland. I remember saying things like that to my friends when I was little. HA!

Mom2fur said...

Happy Birthday, Bee! Looks like it was a really fun party! I did one of these for my daughter when she was little, and it was so nice for Katherine and her friends to be able to wear their 'prettiest' outfits. As if a little girl needs an excuse to dress up, LOL!

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