Thursday, April 29, 2010

just more practicing- cheesecake strawberries

Hubby had a birthday last weekend so I thought I'd practice another potential new recipe for a little summer tea we're working on. I found the recipe for these cheesecake stuffed strawberries from Hope Studios. It's a marshmallow fluff and cream cheese combination (50/50) that I've had before as a fruit dip. With the strawberries, it really taste like cheese cake. After being filled, they get dipped in crushed graham crackers. Oh yum. Seriously yum.

I should have bought a second thing of strawberries because there was a lot of filling left. Dont worry, we found other things to put it on. Mostly, the kids lined up at the fridge randomly during the day and asked for a taste on their finger.

These are plates Bee and I have collected at yard sales. They go with our collected tea cups. I'm getting more invested in this bargain at-home birthday party then if I just booked a party at a jumping place in town! Shhh.


Anonymous said...

An at-home party is better because you don't have all the fun of practicing.

Carrie said...

thank you! i'm helping with a tea party next weekend, and these will be AWESOME! i wonder how expensive it'll be to fix for 80 women?

Chris said...

mmm, these look super yummy!

Jennifer Juniper said...

They turned out great! So glad you tried them :)

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