Friday, August 17, 2012

oh yeah, those cream cheese things

Back in July when I shared Bee's birthday party, I mentioned these super delicious, super rich treats we served and said I'd share the recipe later in the week.  Well, I never did.  So, here it is.  We're talking about those pink and white squares.

Cream Cheese Party Melts (based on one I saw in Parents magazine Feb. 2011)
4 oz cream cheese -room temp
1 T butter  -room temp
1 T light corn syrup
1/4 t strawberry extract (the original recipe calls for mint)
Food coloring- your choice of color
3 C powdered sugar

Mix cream cheese,  butter, syrup, and extract together.  Beat in powdered sugar.  When it forms up into a dough ball, turn it out onto your work surface.  Add additional powdered sugar if necessary.  Divide dough into three pieces.  Leave one section plain white.  Dye the other two different grades of your color.  Roll the three pieces out and twist them together.  Cut the twisted rope into pieces and form into circles or squares.  These are rich, keep them small.  Lay them out on pieces of parchment paper and refrigerate.  Serve chilled. 

I also said that I'd share that punch recipe.  I'll have to share that later in the week.  Or in 2 months.

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