Saturday, July 18, 2009

a bike ride and my favorite flowers (our trip part 2)

One of my favorite things about summer in IN is that it's the only time to see my favorite flower. I call them a tiger lilly, they probably have a different real name. They grow roadside in rural areas. I am sure they are probably all over the midwest, but I know they aren't here in FL. Hubby aired up his parent old bikes and we went for a little bike ride to pick a big bunch. We rode out by our old elementary school since I knew there was a large row there. Hubby got to ride back with them in his basket since my father in law has a basket for mail on his bike. The town we grew up in is so small that you go to the post office for your mail. How cute is he riding on a bike with flowers in his basket?


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Anonymous said...

I checked with someone that should know the name of the flower and she said as far as she knows they are tiger lilies. She wondered if the ones that are not wild might have some stripes. I think I will check Google. You know I like a puzzle. gma

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