Thursday, September 2, 2010

color matching

I feel a little strapped for time lately. Bee's in school only half day so there's all this driving to and from school just to get a few things going at home or half errands run, just to turn around and go back again. Lou and I have been back for teacher days the past two weeks. The children arrive next week. I've had to add time and mileage to my runs to work up to the mini marathon and my etsy shop is doing a little too well right now (hard to complain about good business). While not as important, apples have started arriving, so there have been more rounds of canning going on. I'm busier than I'd like to be. Tonight I'm pulling out some pictures just waiting around to be shared. Mostly, I just want to veg on the couch and then go to bed early. That's OK, right?

So, I saw another teacher had some similar cards and I made myself a set. I painted some wooden clothes pins and then painted some cards to match. I think my friend used colored sticker dots and precolored pins from the dollar store.

Some cards are patterns, most are just random. I laminated the cards and gave the pins a coat of clear spray. Hopefully that will extend their life.

Your little people just match and clip away. (Note the laminator box in the background.... I'm one happy laminating gal!)

Another borrowed idea. Lou tested.


Aunt Donna said...

Glad you're enjoying the laminator. It's amazing how useful clothespins can be. I've never used them for hanging clothes, but over the years, with teaching...I've purchased a ton.

Melissa said...

I like all of these laminated projects! Will you be posting a review of the laminator?

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