Friday, September 17, 2010

fries for me

Here's an idea I got from my Aunt. She brought the kids some things to play with from her classroom when we went to visit her this summer. This is one of them.

I just went to McDonalds and told them I was making a math game and they happily gave me all the fry boxes I wanted. Hubby was surprised that it was that easy. I told hubby that I probably could have gotten them to fill them with fries for me for free too. People love teachers! I used to get the local grocery store to donate granola bars and apples on field trip days. Walmart even donated fish food and hamster bedding a time or two when we had an ark full of class pets.

These are yellow sponges from the dollar store. They came 4 in a pack and I bought 4 packs. Each sponge made 4 fries. So I got 64 french fries for $4. Each fry box is programmed with the written numeral and the written number word.

We added a pair of tongs which ups the fun level tremendously.

We count with them, then play a little, then count some more, play some more.

Here's the drawstring bag I made up to hold them. It's just a rough applique using scraps. The green strip fabric is an old thrifted pillowcase. It was perfect for a fry box.


grandma said...

Very clever. I don't believe you can surprise me with your ideas. II'm very proud. I started a new Bible study this week. When I introduced myself. I told them I lived for my grandkids blogs.

Aunt Donna said...

Love the tongs, but especially the bag!!! You took a good idea and made it even better!

Kelly said...

This is such a creative idea! I am still trying to think of creative ideas for my elem. spanish classes - I had no idea that tongs could be so much fun!

BigBearswife said...

what a great idea!

Anonymous said...

McDonalds are thrilled to get their arches in front of kids. They try to hook them on their "brand" as early as possible.

Love Always,

Ella Gene said...

So cute. Love it!

April said...

Cute idea!

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