Wednesday, September 8, 2010

oh, thankgoodness

For months now, Lou has been saying that he isn't going to school. Plain and simple. He isn't going. Last week, I took him in to help me in the room several days. I hoped that would change his mind. Nope, he wasn't going. Then, he received a 'welcome to school' postcard from his teachers. Didn't matter. He wasn't going. He threw it in the trash can. I dug it back out. Now, it's turned into a bit of a game. He throws it away and I hide it somewhere he might find it. I had to laminate it because it was getting a little grimy from the trash can. Look at those two sweet faces... how could he not want to go to school?

Tuesday morning was his first day of school. It was a 'bring your parents to school' day, so Thursday is sort of his first real day. Either way, we talked it up and made a big deal out of it. He got his Schultuete. He did agree to go to school this morning with Daddy.

In his paper cone, he had this little dog that rides a skateboard. Apparently, it's exciting.

Daddy took him to the open house day and he had such a good time that he has agreed to go back on Thursday. Oh, Thank goodness. I had feared a huge battle. A HUGE one.

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BigBearswife said...

Aww he is a cutie! hope he enjoys school!

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