Monday, September 27, 2010

I need a reminder

I've had to remind myself lately. Sometimes frequently.

Someday I'll have organized closets, a kitchen floor that doesn't need swept 15 times a day, couches without juice stains, the ability to sleep in and get places on time.

I have to remind myself that I will miss the juice spills and 15 potty trips on the way out the door.

Someday I'll miss the craziness of kids running through the house because they'll be at their own houses. I'll miss not being able to find my shoes because someone with little feet wore them around the house.

No one will need my help finding the lost blankie or need my mama-nurse super powers to patch up a barely bloody knee. I have to remind myself that some day I'll miss having monster jam trucks all over the family room floor and couch cushions and blankets all over the living room as part of some elaborate fort.

I will wish there were more dirty clothes to wash and dishes to do because it means my little people are home. Some day they'll be able to pick up after themselves and do their own laundry... and they'll be doing it at their own homes.

I get frustrated with my little people when they don't pay attention in the grocery store and run in front of people's carts and with having to get up during dinner 17 times to get them more water, another napkin, replace a dropped fork, and retrieve ketchup. I try to remind myself that those things are temporary. I'm blessed to have two healthy wonderful kiddos.

They drive me crazy sometimes, they make me pull my hair out... they make me smile, they make me happy. I have to remind myself that sometimes.

Didn't mean to get all crazy sentimental and stuff. Regular blogging to return tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures.

It's great to have your kids around, but it's also wonderful to see what super adults they have become. The two worst problems with them being on their own is that you worry about them throughout the day and they never call you enough.
Love Always,

Kelly said...

good reminders ;) I only baby sat for 24 hours this weekend... and I already needed the reminder!

Christina said...

love this post and the pictures. miss them!

Mikke said...

I love the pictures of your girls in
the tub! They are both so cute!

01 09 10