Thursday, September 9, 2010

making chart and graphs with kids

Bee's really into making charts and graphs right now.

She asked everybody she could find this weekend to participate.

She came up with her own topics and categories.

Did you know there are only four choices of TV shows?

We used some very old M&Ms to make a pie chart or circle graph.

First you sort them out.

Then circle them up. We had to take out the dark brown since we didn't have room on the paper.

Trace a circle around the circle of candies. Draw a line from the point where the colors change to the center of the circle.

Remove M&M's and color in. Label as you see fit. You can eat the candies unless they are older than you are. In that case, toss them.

OK, taste one if you don't believe me, then agree to toss them.


grandma said...

I have some M&M's that need to be tossed. I see there is a use for them. I believe she got the idea for making the graphs from her daddy.

Aunt Donna said...

Old M & Ms???? Never heard of such a thing. I think they're consumed within a few hours around here....