Sunday, September 12, 2010

running and now blah

Saturday was the 10K run that is in the series of runs I mistakenly signed up for this summer. I did it on purpose, but now am not sure what I was thinking. The 5 and 10 K runs have been fine, but the mini marathon is approaching and I'm really unsure about it.

Hubby and the kids came out for it too. Both Bee and Lou had been upset that they missed the last race. Poor kids.... here we are a few minutes after 6AM. When I woke Bee up she asked,"Why would you wake me up so early on a Saturday?" Then she insisted on wearing her running skirt and shoes.

My plan had been to spend the first two or three miles getting to a good place in the pack. By mile three I decided that I was in a good spot and didn't need to worry about passing people anymore, just keeping pace. That worked fine, but about mile 5, I got a little burst of energy and sped up my pace a little. I was able to moved up a few more spots.

I finished with a time of 58.02. It's been my fastest time for a 10K so far. Unfortunately, the increase in speed seems have done a number on my stomach. I have had a crazy stomach ache today. I thought perhaps it was the flu, but one of my sisters suggested that the running might have done it. When I googled it, I learned that 30-50% of runners experience some GI issues after a race. There seem to be a number of factors including hydration level, pre-race meals, and breathing rates. Blah.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry that you are not feeling well. I am very proud of you. Your great grandfather won third in the state in the two-mile many years ago.

Love Always,

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