Tuesday, September 21, 2010

food question

Today is Tuesday and I'm supposed to have a post up about cooking with a canned good, but the meal I was going to make and photograph is yet to be made. Friday we ended up going out to dinner (thank you free kids meal coupons from the library reading program), Saturday we ended up eating up leftovers, Sunday we ate at a friends house, and Monday another neighbor brought us a lasagna! I'm sure it will get made up this week and will be here next Tuesday.

Here's the food question: Last week I made Cornish game hens. I took a plate over to a neighbor, whose wife in on a mission trip (wearing this lovely number). He said that he had never had them before. So I mentioned to someone else that we had enjoyed Cornish game hens the night before and she had never had them before either. So I was curious and asked a few other people, none of whom had ever had them. Am I missing something? Do they have a bad reputation? Am I unaware of it since I ate them growing up? Could they be regional?

I have now googled it... perhaps I know why now....

EDITED TO ADD: The only thing I've learned about them is that they are a young bird, 4-6 weeks old. Maybe some people have that whole 'veal' feeling about eating a baby. Also, they are fed a lot of food during their short life. It's not a force feeding, it's just they are offered frequent food... the farmers probably put them in front of the TV too.


grandma said...

I guess I will google it also. We have had them as something special at Christmas or New Year's. They were served at a special dinner the choir did at church one December.

BigBearswife said...

I love Cornish Hens! I have a recipe on my blog that we use a lot.

Kelly said...

I've never eaten them. Not sure why not... but then I've never seen them on a restaurant menu, either.

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