Friday, September 3, 2010

rain barrel

I have had this awful blue barrel sitting in my back yard all summer. It's finally doing it's job. I came home from school to find that my father in law had finished it up for me. The microwave was also clean. I may go to work more often!

My neighbor's son works at a car wash and brought home a big blue barrel for me. I cleaned it out the best I could. A hose bib thing was installed a few inches up from the bottom. It's up on bricks because A. I'm a classy gal and B. I wanted to be able to fit a bucket or watering can under.

It's hooked up to the gutter with some screen to keep the acorns and junk out. It's here on the side of the house by the rotting wood box.

The kids and I cheated and filled it up part way with the hose. We needed to test the seal. Now we just wait for rain.

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Carole Davids said...

Nice! You should paint it, its very bright!

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