Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday means cooking with canned stuff

It's another Tuesday with I've canned a whole LOTT, now I'm cooking in my bistro.

My canned items today are: green beans (1 qt) and canned tomatoes (1 qt). (second pint of tomatoes not pictured)

You could also do 1 pt and half the meat and noodles as well. You could also use store bought green beans and canned tomatoes for that matter. This isn't a fancy meal. It's a go-to meal at our house. That's Rachael Ray for it's a last minute meal that you always have the ingredients for on hand. It doesn't even have a name at our house.

Green bean, tomato, noddle stuff
1 pound ground meat (turkey is our favorite here, but ground beef is fine too)
1/2 pound ish noodles (we cooked up a variety of leftover noodles- elbow, bow tie, and wagon wheels)
1 qt tomatoes (or two cans or one large can from the grocery)
1 qt green beans or 2 cans green beans (french is our favorite here)

Hubby made dinner tonight. Brown ground meat.

Add green beans.

Add tomatoes.

Add cooked noodles and salt to taste. Cook just long enough to get everything all warmed up together.

I told you it wasn't fancy. The kids like it and it has all the veggies they need for a dinner all in one dish. Plus it's fast and I always have the ingredients on hand. You can't argue with that some nights.

Here's what we had for desert. Have you seen these adorable grapes at the grocery?

The kids get so excited when they find a baby grape. This container is ALL baby grapes. They were so sweet.

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Adrienne said...

Nice and easy (and even easier when you get your husband to cook)!

Jen said...

We have a lot of nameless dishes around our house too! This sounds like it would be great on a cold winter day, especially if you're using things you canned. Thanks for sharing!

Ott, A. said...

And just think of all the money you saved as well with this meal. I make something similar but without the green beans and add cheese instead. Love it!

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