Thursday, September 30, 2010

this isn't pretty

My dad sent me this: He wants more cases.

He likes the elastic on the sides:

I made up this:

this isn't pretty:

Scrapping that plan...

(as I look at the pictures... it doesn't look that bad. It is. It's all kinds of crooked. New plan. )

edited to add: Here are the two cases I came up with this evening. No elastic, but more presentable. The next one will have some velcro at the top. I think I'm getting closer.


Anonymous said...

I like the latest models. I'm sorry if this was a tough assignment. After seening what you have created over the years. I figure that you can do anything.

Love Always,


Kara Marie said...

LOVE the eyeglass cover with eyeglass picture!! So cute!

I received this blog award today and I'm paying it forward to you! I hope you will pay it forward as well :)

Have a great day!!

Kelly said...

the mission organization I worked for over the summer collected tens of thousands of eyeglasses and hundreds of eyeglass cases every year to redistribute to underdeveloped communities throughout the world. Creating eyeglass cases was one way that a lot of crafty ladies who couldn't travel (bc of kids at home or health reasons) could still make an impact. Yours are the cutest, though!

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