Wednesday, September 15, 2010

2 bags in one night

I said I was addicted. Last night I made up another buttercup bag. I also made up a satchel style bag I'm calling the one hour satchel bag. I've been embarrassing myself wtih the bag I've been carrying to school.

For this buttercup bag I added some felt in-between the outer fabric and lining and also in the strap. I think it makes a sturdier bag. I have fabric cut for two more and will be adding felt to those too.

It's lined with some leftover fabric from the teacher bag.

On to the messenger bag. I have been embarrassing myself carrying a torn-on-the-bottom old grocery tote bag to school. Before you could buy reusable grocery bags, I had made up a bunch of fabric totes. My favorite was worn on the bottom in several spots. I can't remember why, but at some point it was full of groceries and was dragged on concrete. I was brewing a plan for a bag that was thin and really just big enough for my plan book, a few file folders, and a book or two.

It's lined and has felt in the middle to sturdy it up a bit.

The only pocket is on the back. If I hadn't given myself just one evening to make it, it would have been fun to have a bunch of pockets inside too.

It's just the size I was looking for.

Check out the cute shirts all the teachers at my school ordered. They say I (heart) preschool and there are three little people. It's all rhinestone bling. We all got different colors.


Anonymous said...

Neat bags & Cute t-shirt

Love Always,

mommyslittlemonkeys said...

So cute! I'm always amazed with how much you get done in a day.

01 09 10