Monday, September 13, 2010

Addicting purse

I stumbled on this pattern for a buttercup bag on Made by Rae this weekend and could not wait to make one up. She has several free patterns on her site. I love it. I'm kinda addicted to it. Can you be addicted to a purse? It was super easy to make and took maybe 45 minutes to sew. It's lined, has a little pocket inside,and uses a magnetic closure.

It's a fun size. I used the leftover fabric from my sister's bag. The inside is red with little white dots. (It's not really cool enough to be wearing long sleeves, I just convinced myself this weekend that I had a fever. I was in denial that this stomach thing is running related. I wanted it to be a little stomach bug.)

I am addicted to this bag. I'm making more. I know a couple of girls getting this purse for Christmas.... Thanksgiving if I can't wait. I usually can't wait.


Carole Davids said...

I downloaded the pattern last night too. Like I need another sewing project. lol

Kelly said...

Love the bag! And you are a very stylish model ;)

Melissa said...

Love the bag and the fabric. I have some like it in my stash and am so tempted to replicate yours!

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