Friday, May 21, 2010

our photo shoot

When we were visiting my mom, we met a photographer at the park for a little photo shoot. I think our original place was flooded, but she managed to find us dry land to work on.

Lou fell asleep literally as we pulled into the park. We let him sleep while all the individual family shots were being taken. When we did wake him up he was not happy. It took 30 minutes before he would even look at the girl with the camera. It didn't give the poor girl much to work with.

Here's my brother and his wife:
my sister and her boyfriend (and pooch):

Our little group of four trying to get a decent shot.

My sister and I always have a goofy time together.

the girls (that's my mama):
more goofing off... The boys were trying to goof up pictures. Not sure why my sister is modeling this hideous quilt.
Wake up, wake up Lou!

The boyfriend was really goofing up pictures! He's a fun one. He and Bee should just be in pictures together. They both like to make a silly face at the last second.

Aren't they sweet. Clearly they have a lot of fun together.

There was a lot of coddling to get Lou to cooperate. Perhaps there was bribing involved, I'm not sure.

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Kelly Nieman Anderson said...

I love these pictures! (some even more than the "professional" ones)

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