Friday, January 7, 2011

new picnic blanket- mystery quilt revealed

Here's the finally finished mystery quilt.  It's not so much a mystery anymore.  We gave it to my brother and his family for Christmas.  It's a picnic blanket / quilt / game board. It's all ready for checker, chess, mancala, tic tac toe and macaroni salad and Hawaiian bread sandwiches.

I thought the mesh bag would be nice for throwing it in the back of the car and would keep all the pieces together.  The mesh bag may be better used some day for balls and sports gear in the car. 

There are two bags of pieces.  There are little glass stones for mancala and lots of wooden discs for checkers and chess.  

Here's the finished front. There's plenty of room for picnicking and gaming. 

These are from the batch of pieces that my dad helped me cut out at Thanksgiving.  One side has the chess piece painted on, the other is blank.

When it's time for checkers, the blank side can be played with.  For crowning kings, the pieces can be flipped or double stacked.  

Here's the back.  There's mancala, tic-tac-toe and the little square that we signed.

The mancala is my least favorite part.  The quilting stitches are read and it makes me dizzy to look at it on the mancala board.  The colors make it a little hard to see the game pieces.

It's quilted like a real quilt, so it can be used to cuddle up on the couch or for indoor picnics, or thrown in the back of the car and used for outdoor picnics. It should wash well and should be ready for trips to the park for a long time.

This is pretty much how I feel about this quilt too.  Done.  Moving on.

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Kelly said...

I was just thinking about this wonderful quilt today! Someone asked me what my 'best' or 'favorite' present was & I bragged about this amazing handmade quilt! The person I was bragging to was very impressed.

grandma said...

The quilt turned out great. I guessed wrong on the owner of the labor of love was going to.

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