Wednesday, July 14, 2010

chefs hat

I've started my oldest (of my two slightly younger- ok more than slightly) sister's birthday present. The little one turned 16 recently and got an accessory for her car. The other sister is student teaching this fall and is getting my version of this teacher bag. That being said, here's a short post today. My hands are busy sewing today, not typing.

We have this little friend who has been giving Bee some hand-me-downs. We all love a good hand-me-down! W wanted to give a little thank you gift to let them know how much we appreciated being on the receiving end of this deal. For the friend's birthday, we gave her an apron in the cupcake fabric with the brown lining. As seen here. Bee thought a matching chef's hat would be a good idea this time.

The band closes with velcro and is slightly adjustable.

The top is just a large circle. Then it's gathered and sewn onto a a band. I decided to line the band with some webbing material to make it a little sturdier.

This is my second chef's hat (first one here). I made one little change to the way I attached the hat and band together and an happy with the finished edge inside.

When I suggested to Bee that we get her friend a little something she asked if we could go to the princess shop in town. We have this adorable boutique with (super expensive) little girl gifts. We looked all around that shop. I pointed out some appropriate items, and Bee just couldn't decide. She decided to wait for the right item or just have me make something. I would have thought given a green light in such a shop would have been exciting. It was more overwhelming for her. I'm glad she's ok with me making her friends gifts. How long can that last?

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grandma said...

You are a busy lady. I'm sure Bee's friend will enjoy the chef's hat and wishes her mama sewed like you.

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