Wednesday, October 14, 2009

my pirate

Lou's costume is done and it was made completely from my stash of fabric and scrap box. Most is made with fleece or felt so there was little hemming or finished edges to worry about. That makes for some easy sewing!

The blue belt was made from a scrap of fabric my Grandma gave me that was cut off a skirt when she had it shortened.

The blouse (and I hope that this is the only time I am required to sew my son a puffy sleeve blouse) was brought over by a friend just days before. She asked, "Is there anything you could do with this funny striped fabric?"

His favorite part is the money bag full of pirate gold! Bee's outfit is next. Since we didn't spend anything on Lou's, I did agree to buy some shimmery fabric for Bee's outfit. She's going to sparkle!


Chris said...

Looks good! The last picture looks like David... maybe?

Lisa said...

Way to sew momma! That is an awesome costume! A+

Anonymous said...

I knew you would find a use for the fabric. Way to go. gma

Kelly Nieman Anderson said...

this is the cutest pirate I've ever seen! One of my students 2 years ago paid over 100 dollars for a "professional" pirate costume, so that he could look like Johnny Depp and pick up girls, and he did not look as great as this costume.

Anonymous said...


Love Always


Mama King said...

Wow! Looks great Matey!

Karin Katherine said...

That is a great costume. It couldn't have come out better if you'd have personally gone to the store and picked out each fabric. I wish I could sew. Especially after seeing posts like this!

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