Friday, September 9, 2011

first day of school gifts

Lou's first day of school was last Friday and I couldn't send him empty handed.   This fabric was fun to work with because it was the fabric that covered my bulletin boards my first few years teaching. 

I burned 4 CDs of my favorite mixed preschool songs (I made the play-list for myself anyway)  and made up a little case for them.  There's a lot of Dr. Jean, Hap Palmer, Jim Gill and Greg and Steve.  For the case, I sort of used my car CD holder tutorial and added a flap.   I added an initial to each, but poor Ms. A...  the one I made her with an A was too small to hold CDs!  I had to quickly make a new one.  I of course was sewing these the night before school.

Lou got his little first day of school treat too.  

I told him that he had to be dressed first, but he could. not. wait.

 There were shoe charms and a green lantern snap bracelet inside.  Pretty much exciting should you be a 4 year old boy.

Daddy got to go the first day.  I came over when I had a few minutes.  Teaching next door has it's benefits, but I miss most of the special days and party days.

This week he was on his own at preschool.  He was pretty hesitant but had a great time like always.

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grandma said...

I'm sure this will be a great year for Lou. grandma

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