Friday, January 20, 2012

carrie and carry bag

I picked up the carrie bag pattern at the fabric shop on a whim.  I was looking for a fun easy bag to carry this winter.  It ended up being really large, but I'm going with it.  I have liked it so much, that I made up a second one as a little thank you gift for a friend.  Here's her bag.

I chose a brown and pink wool like fabric from the 'suit fabric' section.  My friend is a brand new stay at home mama.  She's not a new mama, she's just finally getting the chance to stay home with her kids.  This will be a great bag to throw all of the kids things in when they go out.

This pink and brown lining is so her.  

Here's my bag.  Mine is a gray and pink wool suiting fabric, which I had on hand from a pile that someone passed on to me.  The inside is a pink linen also passed onto me from someone.  I can't keep all my scores straight anymore. 

This is where it usually is, in the car, stuffed full as always, and ready to go. The pattern was easy to use and really straight forward.  I think my bag made up in about an hour and a half and my friend's in two hours or so. 

It really holds a ton.  It was great for travel at Christmastime.  I could carry all my regular purse items as well as Bee's chapter book, my book, a few school papers, my knitting project, Lou's DS, etc. 

It's ok that hubby has teased me for carrying my 'luggage purse.'  I was just getting used to being able to leave the house with a small purse, but I sort of like having a big ol' mom bag again. 

I have no affiliation with Sweet Seams of Butterwick patterns.  All my thought about the Carrie Bag pattern are my own.   Wouldn't it be cool if I had affiliation?   That would be a fun one!

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