Tuesday, January 3, 2012

penguins and friends

I have nothing ready of my own today, but thought I'd share this cute cheese ball that a friend of mine made.  There are little olive penguins and an igloo cheese ball.  The feet and beaks are carrots and he's stuffed with cream cheese.  A college friend of mine brought this to a Christmas get-together.  I just did a quick search and here's a site with step by step directions for the penguins (although it doesn't look like theirs have eyes).   Upon further looking, here's Betty Crocker's version. 

These college friends of mine are a fun group to visit.  There were 8 or so of us who got stuck together in the dorm our freshman year of college and have been buddies for the past 14ish years (gulp!  That can't be right...), all of us ending up roommates in different combination all through college. We are spread across the country now and most of us are married and have little people of our own now.  Five of us (and some hubby's and some kids) were able to get together this time.  A few of the girls live closer and are able to get together more frequently, but there are at least two organized gatherings each year and usually a wedding or baby shower thrown in there too.  Here are some of us, not everyone would get in the picture, mostly the husbands and pouty little brothers (ahem), and sleeping babies would not be photographed.

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