Monday, January 9, 2012

good deal on snowflakes

This one isn't just a good buy.  Even better than good buy... this was all free! All of these winter decorations for my little sister's first grade classroom were free courtesy of Target.   We scored these when we were up visiting my sister for Christmas.

Can you believe that Target was just tossing all these nice decorations in the trash?  They are a super sturdy, really thick, sort of plasticy paper and will be great decorations in her classroom for years.   When I saw them in a shopping cart by the registers I asked our cashier if they were going up or coming down. She said they were coming down, but not to bother asking for them though because there is always a waiting list.  I asked.  We got them all!  My sister may have winked at the boy helping us, I can't be certain.

There were a few big 3D snowflakes.

A couple of spiraly springy hangy snowflakes.

And sheets and sheets of what must be 3 foot by 4 or 5 foot snowflakes.  Those are actually what I saw first.  I knew that she had the perfect windows in her room for them.  There were so many that we also covered a huge currently empty bulletin board in the hallway too.  

There are even several sheets more of these snowflakes that are red and purply saved for me someday.  Hubby was doing a lot of groaning about unpacking the car to fit them in, so we'll just wait for another trip!

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