Friday, January 27, 2012

chevron scarf is done

I finally finished this knitted chevron scarf that I've been working on since October. Knitting takes so much more time than crocheting. 

It's not as long as I had hoped, but I ran out of yarn and had already used all my yarn budget on it.  It's made from MinnowMerino wool, so there's where my money went.  It's soft and I love the colors. The colors are bluette, chartreuse and tangerine (although it's very much a pink).  I had some grays and blues picked out and then saw these more fun colors close to the register and changed my mind altogether. 

Because it's not as long as I had planned, I added a little loop and a big button to help it stay crossed.   The pattern was found here at the purl bee, which I found via pinterest.  I love the finished look but it did require careful counting.  Careful, careful counting.  I pulled out as many rows as I stitched in.  If you get off count anywhere in the row, it will be evident and must be fixed.  But, the finished result is so pretty and reminds me that if I slow down, pay attention to details, and do things carefully and correctly, the results will be better.

The next project is a pair of matching gloves.  I have a fingerless pair pattern picked out.... I'm gong to need to be brave and get working with a pair of double pointed needles though.

Have you been curling your hair with a sock too?  It's pinned like a million times on pinterest and there are dozens of youtube videos about it so you might be. I'm finally figuring it out and can even do it in the morning while I'm getting ready and still get the same amount of curl in 30 minutes that I get from all night.  I can't get into the showering at night thing, so I needed to make this work for my morning routine.  This is the youtube video where I learned this method.  Bee wishes her hair was straight and I want curls.  Go figure.

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Danielle said...

I was so scared of double pointed needles for the longest time too but they are so easy once you get the hang of it. That scarf is so cute! Love the colors!

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