Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas games -preschool style

Clearly this post is dated.  I've been meaning to get to it, but just haven't.  Here's a Christmas lesson that we worked on the week before the holidays. It's mostly a mash of random Christmas activities, some from last year, but the kids didn't mind repeating them.  I have about 80% the same kids as last year.

We read Night Tree by Eve Bunting.  It's a sweet sweet story about a family going to visit the tree they decorate each Christmas as a gift to the animals.  I asked bunches of questions as we read.  Its one of those stories that some of my 4 year olds needed a little guiding through in order to understand the whole story.

We played some Christmas bingo.  I had a felt tree and pieces and from last year that we used again. 

The kids each had a sheet with the pictures.  They were to watch as I decorated the tree.  No one said the item, they just watched and then covered the item on their own sheet.  It was so quiet, which makes me laugh to see them all so serious.

The meat of the lesson this day was this math activity.  It looks like there are a lot of pieces on here, goodness.  The big wreath and big berries are the items I used to demonstrate and let the kids look to if they needed help.  The little paper wreaths and little cup of berries are the ones each child used. 

We rolled one dice with red numbers and added that many red berries to our wreath, then we rolled the dice with green numbers and added that many green berries to the wreath.  Then we made the number sentence.  Red berries + green berries.  I tried using the sheet of paper that has the green and red berries taped down.  It was easier without. 

The kids really liked the sensory tub this season.  This isn't a good picture of it.  In addition to the regular dried beans, there were red, green and white pom poms, plastic candy canes, little wrapped present decorations, little wooden manger pieces, jingle bells, Christmas cookie cutters, etc.  I made a sheet that had pictures of some of the items for the kids to search for.  You can sort of see it leaning against the wall.  They seem to like the sensory tub best when there is an eye spy sheet to go with it.

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Anne said...

Doing such activities on Christmas break is very much advantage to the little ones. Children should be given different learning styles not just at school but also at home.

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